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  • $MORPH is considered an emissions token with incentive to swap to $PILLS

Protocol Allocations

  • The allocations for Neo Pools are 70% protocol revenue.

  • The rest of the revenue (30%) is allocated to protocol Treasury.

  • $MORPH token allocations are the following: 85% to emissions for farms/pools, 15% to Treasury, and the additionally masterchef minted 10% to Team.

It is our intention to fully decentralize Morpheus Swap. We envision Neo Pools to eventually receive 80–90% of protocol revenue, while Treasury retains the difference.

Token allocation is intended to remain unchanged.

The allocation of 10% that's reserved for the team is minted on top of existing MORPH rewards calculated with the emission rate (0.5/sec).

Did I make a mistake, or do the emissions say "per second"?

Not a mistake at all! On Fantom, the block times are proportional to the transaction activity on the block. As such, the block times can vary from as low as 0.97 seconds to as high as 20+ seconds back in Fall of last year.

You may check the current block times here:

Due to this, our MasterChef is based off using block timestamps instead of their number.

Does this change my regular farming experience?

Not really! You will receive rewards even more consistently, as it is now based off of accurate timestamps.

More information about Fantom can be found here:

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