Security and Emergency Withdraw

We have done our very best to be 100% bug-free with all our Smart Contracts and code, and have modified our MasterChef contract to remove the infamous migrator code which was inherited by forking another protocol. Our MasterChef is a fork of PolyPup Ball, and their contract has been thoroughly audited by Paladin.

Emergency Withdraw

This guide will help you emergency withdraw your funds from any yield farm. When the UI is down on a yield farm, for instance due to a technical issue, you can still withdraw your funds by interacting directly with the MasterChef contract.

  1. Navigate to the RugDoc Emergency withdraw tool. Click here

  2. Connect your MetaMask Wallet to the website and make sure you are connected to the Fantom Opera Network

  3. Enter the MasterChef Address and press start: 0xc7dad2e953Dc7b11474151134737A007049f576E

4. Navigate to the pool you want to call the emergency withdraw action and / or revoke permissions.

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