Morpheus Swap


“I do not believe it to be a matter of hope, it is simply a matter of time."


  • Website launch
  • Initial token listing on SpookySwap
  • Initial marketing (promotions, ads and listings)
  • Farming launches on September 12th, 20:00 (GMT) (Community voted in majority of adjusting the time by 4 hours ahead)
  • Gradual implementation of Neo Pools for dividends system
  • Partnerships with other Fantom projects
  • Paladin audit completed

Roadmap Objectives:

  • $PILLS — end of October.
  • DEX — middle of November.
  • Additional revenue generating products (including NFTs) — end of November through Summer, 2022.
  • Governance — December.
  • Complete decentralization — Summer 2022 or earlier.
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