“I have imagined this moment for a long time. Is it real?”

Stealth Launch

Initial liquidity will be added as a stealth launch, along with our site going live.

  • No pre-sale or early distribution of tokens

  • 1000 pre-minted total: 900 for initial liquidity and 100 for early giveaways and marketing

  • MORPH-FTM: 900 MORPH - ($500) of FTM

  • Initial listing price: ~$0.55


Farming will begin on September 12th at 16:00 GMT 20:00 GMT (as per majority community vote)

Before farming begins, you have the possibility to deposit your tokens into any farms or pools in advance. Please note that farming rewards will only start to be distributed once farming begins.

10% of emissions are sent to the dev team to be used for partnerships, giveaways and other promotions.

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